Sunday, January 20, 2019
St. Anthony East Neighborhood of Minneapolis | Cody Anderson

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St. Anthony East draws those looking for affordable houses and proximity to downtown. A stone’s throw from the Mississippi River, this neighborhood caters to a young, trendy crowd that appreciates the unique bars, restaurants and artistic spaces nearby.


Located in northeast Minneapolis' Arts District, this hip area was originally carved out of the city of St. Anthony early in the 19th century. The neighborhood extends from Broadway Street NE on the northern border to Central Avenue NE on the east and southeast, Second Avenue NE on the south, and Fifth and Washington streets NE on the west. Art, beer, industry, and innovation converge in St. Anthony East.


Homes reflect the Colonial and bungalow styles that were popular in the early 1900s, and there are apartments and row houses to pick from, as well. Being located a few blocks from the river can make all the difference in housing prices. St. Anthony East is characterized by its number of churches, reminders of a not-so-distant past when people from different European countries moved into the area. These immigrants settled in neighborhoods around their churches creating pockets of distinct cultures that eventually merged into the Great America melting pot, leaving behind a few neighborhood favorites, particularly on Central Ave. where the pot is still melting.


You don’t need a car in St. Anthony East. A protected bike lane running down 3rd Avenue stretches from First Street South to 16th Street East, and provide an important north-south connection for cyclists downtown. It’s easy to connect with the Boom Island Park Trails as well as the others criss-crossing through Minneapolis. More are added every year. When it’s cold, it’s convenient to take the bus.


Take in the great skyline views from the 5.59-acre St. Anthony Park along 3rd Ave. and 5th Street. ”May Mountain,” an artificial hill built on the park’s south side, is named for area resident Jeanette May. It makes a great sledding hill. The Saint Anthony East Neighborhood Association (SAENA) owns and maintains the property at the southwest corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and Broadway Street Northeast. Children enjoy the playground, residents walk their dogs across the open lawn and rolling hills, and neighborhood volunteers manage a community garden just south of the park.

The population of St. Anthony East neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota is approximantely 2,222.