Thursday, January 10, 2019
St. Anthony West Neighborhood of Minneapolis | Cody Anderson

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Walking along the cobblestone streets of the historic and affluent St. Anthony West, with views of the Mississippi River and downtown Minneapolis, you might argue that this is the heart of the city. It is, after all, where Main Street lies.


This desirable neighborhood of 2,200 people was established in 1849 as the Village of St. Anthony Falls. The waterfalls that drew settlers to the site were seen in 1680 by Father Louis Hennepin, a Franciscan priest who is credited with being the first European to explore the area that is now Minneapolis. He named the falls after his patron saint, St. Anthony of Padua. By the late 1850s, the area had merged with the new city of Minneapolis, but its history hasn’t been forgotten.


The neighborhood is bordered by Broadway Street NE to the north, Second Avenue on the south, the Mississippi River on the west, and Washington and Fifth streets NE to the east. St. Anthony West is within walking distance of downtown via the historic and pedestrian-only Stone Arch Bridge as well as the University of Minnesota campus just downstream.


The Stone Arch Bridge and 22.5-acre Boom Island Park draw residents and tourists alike to the riverside. The park gets its name from the island that used to be there, named for the booms that were used to separate logs floated down the Mississippi River to sawmills powered by St. Anthony Falls. There are canoe and kayak racks, as well as a boat launch, marina, landmark miniature lighthouse, picnic shelters and a playground for small children at Boom Island Park. An old railroad bridge from Boom Island to Nicollet Island has been converted into a bicycle and pedestrian bridge. Boom Island Park is contiguous with B. F. Nelson Park to the south and is part of Central Riverfront Regional Park.


Despite its undeniable status as a historic place, Saint Anthony West is part of the transformation taking place along the river. Developers have discovered Northeast Minneapolis as a prime location for new upscale housing and commercial projects. High paid professionals and more are drawn to the eclectic mix of home styles throughout St. Anthony West, ranging from 19th century beauties to more modern townhomes and condominiums.


St. Anthony West is the gateway to Minneapolis’ Art District, as well as the business district along Hennepin Ave. Restaurants and bars along Main and Hennepin pull in customers for dining and entertainment, which has kept this neighborhood lively for nearly 200 years.

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